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Scientific research

The AMC department of neurology has a rich research history in scientific research in the field of neurological infectious diseases. The last decade the research group has expanded following our research proposals were granted several national and European grants. Currently, the research projects of Neuroinfections Amsterdam focuses on bacterial meningitis (MeninGene and SMS MeninGene study), research projects concerning neurosarcoidosis, suspected bacterial or viral meningitis (I-PACE study), preventive antibiotics in stroke (PASS trial), neuroborreliosis and sepsis and delirium research. Other neurologic infectious diseases such as infections after neurosurgical interventions, brain abscesses, subdural empyemas, chronic meningitis and neurosarcoidosis are also part of our scientific interest as well.

If you are interested to take part in our research or if you have a clinical question that may be answered using our database with bacterial meningitis patients, you can always contact us.

Below, you can find the summaries and research protocols of the following studies:

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