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Referral and / or consultation

We are frequently consulted by colleagues (from the Netherlands and abroad) to advise on complicated neurologic infectious or neuro-immunological diseases. This can for instance consider patients with a complicated course of bacterial meningitis or patients in outpatient clinics with chronic meningitis or suspected neuroborreliosis.

Reference to outpatient clinic

For tertiary referrals and second opinions considering neurologic infections and neuroimmunological diseases, we have a specific outpatient clinic service. Patients referred to us will first be evaluated by a neurology resident and afterwards by Diederik van de Beek or Matthijs Brouwer.

When indicated a lumbar puncture will be performed during the visit to our outpatient clinic. Before the appointment, we would like to receive all relevant medical correspondence, laboratory results, CD-ROM with medical imaging and results of other relevant additional tests that have been performed previously for the current episode of disease. The letter and patient information for tertiary referrals or second opinions can be send to:

Prof. Dr. D. van de Beek, Neurologist
Dr. M.C. Brouwer, Neurologist

Academic Medical Center
Secretariat Neurology H2
Post office box 22660
1100 DD Amsterdam

Tertiary referral centre Neurosarcoidosis AMC

We have established a tertiary referral centre for neurosarcoidosis patients in the AMC in the summer of 2015. We work together with the sarcoidosis centre at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. When a patient is suspected of neurosarcoidosis the general practitioner, the neurologist or the treating physician can refer patients directly to the neurologists, Prof. dr. D. van de Beek or Dr. M.C. Brouwer. Patients are being seen every Thursday on the neurosarcoidosis outpatient clinic at the AMC by Drs. D. Fritz. Additionally, there is a multidisciplinary video conference with the Erasmus MC once a month and a multidisciplinary meeting in the AMC every Friday (KIR).  

AMC Lyme center

The neurologists of Neuroinfections Amsterdam are part of the Amsterdam Multidisciplinary Lyme Center (AMLC). Patients with suspected neuroborreliosis can be referred by general practitioners or neurologists to one of the neurologists mentioned above. If complaints are not specifically neurological, referral can be done through the AMLC after which the patient will be evaluated first by one of the infectious disease specialists of the AMLC.

AMCL Link (Dutch) for referral: www.amc.nl/web/Zorg/Verwijzer/Verwijsinformatie-per-specialisme/Lyme-centrum.htm

Clinical referral

For questions about hospitalized patients with neurological infectious diseases or a neuro-inflammatory disease you can contact Diederik van de Beek or Matthijs Brouwer by email or telephone. If transfer to the AMC is indicated we will try to arrange this at the shortest notice. The referral process will be accelerated if we receive all relevant medical correspondence, laboratory test results, CD-rom with medical imaging and other test results as soon as possible

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