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Scientific research projects Neuroinfections Amsterdam

Since the 1980’s, neurological infectious and inflammatory diseases are important research interests of the department of neurology of the Academic Medical Center (AMC) Amsterdam. By collecting patient data, DNA, blood, performing laboratory experiments and testing new treatments we hope to improve treatment for patients with neurological infections or inflammatory diseases and gain understanding of the disease process.

At this moment we are performing several (nationwide) studies on neurological infectious and inflammatory diseases. If you have been diagnosed with a neurological infectious of inflammatory disease your physician may have asked you to participate in one of our studies:

More information in general on participation in scientific research is available in the brochure on medical research of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

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Neuroinfections Amsterdam collaborates with these companies or institutes:

ERC: European Research Council NWO ZonMw AMC: Academisch Medisch Centrum Stichting Steun Emma Kinderziekenhuis AMC