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The treatment of patients with neurological infectious or inflammatory diseases is often multidisciplinary, involving neurologists, infectious disease specialists, microbiologists, internists, pediatricians and ICU specialists. The Dutch Neurology Association (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Neurologie), Dutch Working Party on Antibiotic Policy (SWAB) and the Central Quality Institute for Health Care (CBO) have developed several guidelines for bacterial meningitis, bacterial infections of the nerve system and Lyme disease. For other neurological infectious diseases like chronic meningitis, neurosyphilis and neurological complications of HIV infections protocols have been developed by the AMC department of neurology. You can download them through this website. 

Consultation / how to refer a patient

Neurological infectious diseases and neuroimmunologic diseases are often difficult to diagnose, because of the substantial amount of rare causes of a low-grade inflammation in the cerebrospinal fluid. This is furthermore complicated by the fact that the epidemiology or infectious diseases is never static. The spread of the West-Nile virus through the United States and Europe, and the identification of Borrelia Miyamotoi as a cause of meningoecephalitis in the Netherlands are recent examples. Furthermore, neurological infectious diseases like Japanese encephalitis, rabies and tuberculosis can come with travelers from endemic areas. We are always willing to think along with you on complicated patients with neurological infectious and immunological diseases. For such consultations, you can contact Dr. Matthijs Brouwer and Prof. Diederik van de Beek, and if necessary we can evaluate the patient at either our outpatient clinic or clinical neurology department. Furthermore, we have established a tertiary referral center for patients with neurosarcoidosis. For such consultations, you can also contact Dr. Matthijs Brouwer and Prof. Diederik van de Beek.

Residency program

If you are a neurology resident (AIOS) and interested in neurological infectious diseases and neuroimmunological diseases, you can do a residency program in the AMC at our department. During the program you can gain clinical experience or perform scientific research in the field of neurological infections and inflammatory diseases, or combine research with clinical work. 

Scientific research

On this website you can find more information about our scientific research, including the study protocols of the MeninGene study, SMS MeninGene study and the PACEM study. Furthermore you can find information about other projects like the ‘sepsis and delirium’ research project, the link to the website of the Preventive Antibiotics in Stroke Study (PASS) or research concerning neurosarcoidosis. If you are interested to collaborate with us on one of these projects or to initiate a research project with us, you can find contact information here as well.

Open access MeninGene Biobank

Our philosophy is that data acquired with public money should be freely accessible for other researchers in the field. Therefore, we enable researchers with a relevant research question to use the data of our bacterial meningitis database. This database (MeninGene Biobank) includes clinical data of patients, but genetic data of patients and bacterial strains as well. Furthermore results of protein measurements in the liquor of patients with bacterial meningitis are stored in the database.

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