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MeninGene study

Nationwide prospective study on community-acquired bacterial meningitis: from genetics to therapy

Inclusion procedure

  1. If the reference laboratory notifies us a patient has been admitted to your hospital we will contact you for inclusion of the patient. You can also call us to include a patient in the study (+3120-5663862 or out of office hours +31638437975).
  2. The treating physician informs the patient about the study and asks informed consent.
  3. We send you an e-mail with the study number of the patient, login name and password to fill out the online Case Record Form and the laboratory forms for blood withdrawal and cerebrospinal fluid storage.
  4. Blood is collected from the patient and a control (partner or proxy living in the same dwelling) and send to the AMC.
    NB. Please write the case record form (CRF) number, date of birth and ‘patient’ or ‘control’ on the patient material.
    NB. The DNA yield is optimal if the blood samples arrive in our laboratory within 72 hours after sampling (not 72 hours after admission).
  5. When the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) form is delivered to the laboratory where CSF is stored, we receive a message and make an appointment to collect the remaining CSF.
    NB. If leftover CSF or blood from a control is not available, the patient can still be enrolled in the study.
  6. Fill out the Case Record Form through this website.
  7. Please send us a copy of the discharge letter and CD-rom with cranial CT/MRI scans during admission.
  8. We will send you a bottle of wine to thank you for your efforts.

Inclusion criteria

Exclusion criteria

Link to online CRF MeninGene: Case Record Form 

Inclusion statistics MeninGene

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